From the pain scale to the understanding of pain

We all dream of understanding pain. To tame it. GN-Health has chosen to listen to patients on a daily basis.patients. To offer them the possibility, through an application, of controlling their pain by becoming the actors. To stop suffering. And act. To act by offering their knowledge so that it can guide us in our quest. Guide us in our quest. In our understanding of Gehenna, so that all suffering people can be delivered from pain. Suffering people can be freed from pain.

The patient, at the heart of our listening

You are our best ally in finding out what pain is. So that one day we can treat it better. You, the patient, know what you feel. You live with your pain. It accompanies you, often from morning to night. Its expression is complex, made up of different, mixed sensations. It is violent, throbbing, penetrating and always exhausting. With GN-Health, you can fully express what you are experiencing. This application allows you to note all your pains. Where they are. Their intensity, their type, when they occur. You enter comments according to the incidents/happy moments you encounter. This gives you a true picture of your pain over time. Your crises, the more serene moments, the more affected places, allowing your doctors to have a very fine analysis of your pathology and its expressions. The exchanges you have with your doctor are more open. Your follow-up is more refined, your medication is adapted to your needs.

Synthesis and fine granularity for medical staff to improve the health of all their patients

Analyze the pain, its structure, its frequency, its type. Gather information from your patients about their feelings during the entire time they are suffering. Exchange with your peers through an application, part of which is dedicated to you and your teams. Synopses, graphs, figures, studies... You will quickly get many answers about the pain experienced by your patients. You can cross-reference them with specific diseases. You advance science, hand in hand, with your patient. GN-Santé, evolves with you and thanks to you in order to better understand the pain to better treat it. The patient is better taken into account, you finally understand what he feels and thus adapt your practice. Within the framework of your research, you advance on the very notion of pain and you exchange with all the medical environment of your subject.

To offer patients a way to manage their pain by detailing it in a simple and intuitive application. To allow doctors to acquire a better understanding of how pain works, its duration, its intensity and many other items developed in partnership with the medical world. To give institutions the means to help suffering people, and white coats the means to develop new therapeutic approaches for the whole of humanity. This is the wish of GN-Health.